The Drinker

The DrinkerThe Drinker, Evolve

Edge – 2010

“She put a hand on my shoulder. Her little fingers on my collarbone seemed to push through skin, bone and flesh, until they touched my heart.”

In a bar one night, jealousy and anger drive a desperate young man into becoming something other than human. A short, dark, gripping story about a new kind of vampire.

“The Drinker” was published in as one of 23 short stories about vampires in the Edge anthology Evolve, edited by vampire sage Nancy Kilpatrick. You can find the story—and its 22 excellent companions—in the horror section of a bookstore near you.



“…“The Drinker” is another beautiful story, with a completely different idea of what it means to be a vampire and to feed on people.” — Lyndsey Holder, Innsmouth Free Press.

Doug Knipe,