ButtonsButtons, Tesseracts 10

Edge – 2006

“It is 1793. Early Winter. A cathedral in Paris, France…”

Mai is only thirteen years old in 1789 when revolution comes to her beloved Paris. Over the next few years, upheaval and violence will change the city forever– but not Mai. Abandoned by time, she becomes a silent observer, doomed to wander unseen while events threaten to destroy her home, friends and family.

“Buttons”, written as a final project for a first year university seminar entitled “Time”, was published in the tenth incarnation of Canadian speculative fiction anthology series Tesseracts– Tesseracts Ten. The anthology is available on Amazon.

Tesseracts Ten


“Another favourite, Buttons, by Victoria Fisher, which I have already read four times, is reminiscent of some of the best storytelling I’ve heard or read in recent years… Fisher’s characters are mournful and melancholy and richly and darkly beautiful. [Fisher]… is dark and intelligent, captivating and spell-binding, and above all, a keen teller of stories.” — Jillian Bell, Tesseracts Ten Media Kit

“Fisher does a wonderful job of bringing the revolution to life by sticking to small details and emotional truth while leaving the big ideas of time travel and history in the background to expand off the page in readers’ imaginations.” — Damian Kilby, SciFi.com (now SyFy.com; review no longer available online)